"Is this for real?"
Imagine finding your next amazing investment opportunity and being able to pick up the phone and raise $390,000 in just 21 days

with no previous experience, without a proven track record and with no liquidity or credit… 

That’s what happened to me. 

Worried you don't have the experience or time? Been there. Don't know who to target or what to say? Been there. Not sure how to tell if the person you're talking to is a REAL private money lender? Been there, too.

You've been worried, frustrated or overwhelmed, because you want to pull the trigger on a deal but you can't line up 100% of the funding.

I’ve been there. And let me tell you… Once I realized these TWO things, everything changed. Want to know what they are?

#1: You DON'T need to "ask" your friends and family members for money

Here is where we creative and think outside the box —how do we build rapport and trust with people of influence AND people who have nothing to do with real estate?

Does this actually work in practice? Uh, yeah!

#2: You DON'T need to have experience, credit or liquidity (a.k.a. skin in the game) 

Once I learned how to present myself to private money lenders, I went from nearly $4.5 Million in private money in my first year to over $20 Million and I'm still counting...

It's a simple formula that makes it easy and fun for you to build rapport and trust with private money lenders ALL OVER THE COUNTRY!

"We raised $490,000 within 72 hours by implementing just a few of Amy's creative networking systems! I never thought that I'd be able to raise money from someone who wasn't a part of my existing network. She's killin it!"   

-Devinne & Justin B

"I just wanted to share that I joined this program about 3 weeks ago and as of today I have raised $445k using the RPM system. Thank you for your guidance and genuine interest in seeing us succeed Amy Mahjoory!
Follow the systems and keep pushing everyone! You can do it!"

-Amanda F

“Amy’s invaluable advice, empowerment and encouragement allowed me to raise over 
$9 Million in private money from over 35 different investors over the last 3 years."   

-Dimitri H

"I was able to raise $30,000 in private money for my very first deal as a result of following Amy's proven systems. She provides a ton of tools and guides you every step of the way. I would have had to walk away from the deal if I wasn't able to raise the $30,000 in gap funding. I have since raised an additional $300.000 in raised private money."

- Jamie T

"Amy is such an inspiration! Her course and her expertise elevate everyone in her program. The course content is NEXT LEVEL, clear and purposeful, every single assignment helps you raise private money with high ethics, morale and integrity."

- Ahmad M
"Happy to report that Amy's PML presentation deck template is very effective! I just tweaked it to include my company info. I have used it twice with my syndication investors and landed new PMLs in both meetings totaling $100K. I have now raised HALF A MILLION DOLLARSAmy is amazing!"

- Matt H
"I raised $88,000 during my first 3 weeks of working with Amy! The customized power packets is what got my private money lender to make the commitment and invest."

- Desirrae B
“I have never raised money for any business venture prior to speaking with Amy. I just raised my first $80,000! If you are willing to put in the work, then she is willing to invest her time in your education and success."

- Ashleigh R


"I've been a real estate investor for over 30 years, and I've decided I need to improve my game in Raising Private Money. I came across Amy's course and thought it was fantastic. I binge watched it in one weekend and within a week, I raised $500,000."

And for the better part of the last decade, I've helped THOUSANDS of real estate investors all over the country raise private money for their business. The result is, they've gone on to grow their existing businesses and start new ones!

I'm committed to helping you transform your mind so that you feel confident raising private money. I take the fear out of raising capital and I break down each of my processes into a methodical and easy to follow system.

All thanks to my proven strategic networking methodology

After scaling all of the heights of traditional corporate success, I realized how little freedom I had and how stuck I was in the rat-race of exchanging my time for money. 

So, I did what anyone with an unquenchable entrepreneurial spirit would do - 

  • RESIGNED FROM DELL: So long side hustle! I left my corporate job after 14 years and haven't looked back! I had the ability to renovate and wholesale multiple properties at once as a result of knowing how to raise private money. 
  • BEGAN COACHING OTHERS: This has been the most rewarding accomplishment to date. The ability to coach and mentor thousands of investors all over the country on the same networking strategies that helped me raise millions of dollars in private money has resulted in lifelong friendships and its also how I met my husband! 
  • GENERATED MULTIPLE STREAMS OF INCOME: I had more money coming in from private money lenders than I needed to invest into my deals so I started referring my lenders to other credible real estate professionals.  
  • LANDED A 4 PART SERIES ON HGTV: I broke the mold with HGTV and ended up recording a 4 part series on House Hunters and House Hunters Where Are They Now. 
  • BOOKED PAID SPEAKING OPPORTUNITIES: I quickly became a subject matter expert in the power of raising private money and was able to share my strategies with other real estate professionals all over the country. 
  • PUBLISHED A BEST SELLING BOOK: I finally took the advice of my students and published a book that shares my story as I transitioned out of Corporate America and into Entrepreneurship.
  • GOT MARRIED!: I was sharing a testimonial at a real estate workshop about a renovation I completed in Chicago which some random guy (a.k.a. my husband) was working at and the rest is history!
  • LIVE MY LIFESTYLE BY DESIGN: I get to spend my time doing what I want, when I want, with whomever I want. I get to enjoy being a mama to our 1 year old daughter, Emma, and travel the world with my husband Sean. 

If you are committed to creating a life of true fulfillment, a legacy of real meaning, and using your resources in service to a world that works for all, especially and including you!

…I hope you will join me. 


A LIVE program to help you raise private money with confidence!
  • Build your Foundation, take Action, customize your Credibility pieces and the Transactions will follow (My FACT Framework) - "if you build it, they will come"
  • Position yourself as the private money lender educator in your business.
  • Build your inner and outer circle with private money lenders located all over the country! Never worry about targeting your friends or family members again. #YouGotThis!
  • Provide your investors with an OPPORTUNITY to invest - you're not "asking" for anything...
  • Your first LLC is on us!
Step-by-step videos to help you raise private money for your real estate business! 
I’m so literal, detailed, and thorough with my instructions and resources inside #RaisingPrivateMoney. There’s little room for mishaps. 

Either you do the work and get the results, or you don’t do the work and don’t get the results. I'm here supporting you every step of the way and the only way to fail is to not take action.
24/7 online support in our private Facebook group!
  • Get your questions answered as they arise! #lifelongaccess
  • Connect with accountability partners from all over the country! This also leads to JV opportunities. #lifelongfriendships
  • Learn about new private money systems and strategies after they've been tested and implemented! #lifelonglearning

Group Coaching Calls to get your questions 
answered LIVE! 

Getting stuck? Join me on our weekly group coaching calls and we'll keep the momentum going!

Celebrate your wins from the week, and set new goals for the upcoming week. You'll love the supportive community of other experts.

Receive tailored support during our weekly LIVE group Q&A calls.
I'm 100% dedicated to making sure you see results! 
Here's what you'll learn:
  • ​Disclaimers
  • ​The RPM Family
  • ​RPM Live Call Schedule & Question Thread
  • ​​Join the #RaisingPrivateMoney (Members Only) Community
  • ​Claim Your Bonuses
MODULE 1: Build Your Foundation
  • ​Welcome To Milestone 1!
  • ​​The Types of Private Money Lenders We Are / Are Not Targeting
  • ​Mindset / Get In The Zone!
  • ​Make It Happen
  • ​My FACT Framework
  • ​Customize Your Online Presence 
  • ​Implement Your 4 Second Power Pitch 
  • ​Your Private Money Goal
MODULE 2: Take Action
  • ​Welcome To Milestone 2!
  • ​Grow Your Subscribers To 100+
  • ​Understand Your 6 Page List Of FAQs
  • ​Implement My 1 x 4 x 30 Method
  • ​Connect With Your Alma Mater
  • ​Build Rapport & Trust On MeetUp
  • ​Your Complimentary LLC & Tax Strategy Session
  • ​Your LinkedIn Goal
MODULE 3: Your 10 Additional Credibility Pieces
  • Welcome to Milestone 3!
  • ​Your Private Money Power Packet
  • ​Your Private Money Presentation
  • ​​The Private Money Contracts
  • ​Your Credible Proof Of Funds Letter
  • ​​Private Money Workflow & Closing Process Checklist
  • ​​LIVE Private Money Interview & Your Interview Sheet
  • ​Know, Like, Trust
  • ​Your Presentation Goal
MODULE 4: Rapport & Trust
  • ​Welcome to Milestone 4!
  • ​Creative Financing
  • ​​Your Circle Of Influence
  • ​Grow Your Private Money Network 20X In Just 1 Day
  • ​​Get Creative & Think Outside The Box
MODULE 5: Nurture Your Network
  • Welcome to Milestone 5!
  • ​20 Ways To Nurture Your Network
  • ​Your Top 10
  • ​Create Your Private Money Newsletter
  • ​Your Daily Habit
  • ​​Your Private Money Power Team
MODULE 6: Multiple Streams Of Income
  • ​Welcome to Milestone 6!
  • ​Outsourcing Via Upwork
  • ​Outsourcing Via Fiverr
  • ​Outsourcing Via A Staffing Company
  • ​Your Private Money Referral Fee Script
  • ​Your Realtor Referral Fee Script
  • ​Complete Outsourcing Step 1
  •  Additional Resources (Module 7) 
  •  ​Special Guest Speakers
  •  ​Weekly Q&A calls with Amy
  •  Lifelong Access 
  • ​ And more!
Get the following when you enroll today...
($147 value)
  Your Private Money Presentation!
Take action NOW and present to groups of private money lenders WITHOUT: 
Worrying about what content to present
Wasting time trying to create the perfect slides
Time down the drain

I've already done all of this for you by creating your Private Money Presentation. Show your audience that you are a polished professional poised for aggressive growth! 
($49 value)
  1 Week Email List Builder
Do you know how unstoppable your brand & business become when you have your own email list? 

No list? No worries! 

My 1 Week List Builder shows you how to build your email list from 0 to 100+ private money lenders in just 1 week!
($250 value)
  Private Money Contracts
Know exactly how to protect, secure and insure your private money lender's investment with the appropriate loan docs. 

I give you the templates and scripts for obtaining these templates.

This is also 1 of 12 different credibility pieces you'll offer your private money lenders as you continue to build rapport and trust. 
($250 value)
  List of FAQ's
Have a detailed understanding of common questions asked by most private money lenders, (even the seasoned ones!), and deliver your response with CONFIDENCE! 

Being able to have the right answers, will set you apart as an expert and as someone that knows what they're doing.

This 6 page credibility piece does just that!
($225 value)
  Private Money Power Packet
Never worry about what your credibility pieces will look like ever again! Your power packet includes 5 different credibility pieces professionally packaged into 1 master file!

Take the power packet provided which breaks down the critical component of your business and CONFIDENTLY walk into any meeting or conference call as a polished professional!
When you PAY IN FULL, you'll also get access to...
($6,000 value)
 Get Paid to Network!
I'll break down the networking systems I used to generate over $3,000 in 30 minutes:
When you pay in full, you'll also receive access to my BONUS module! This BONUS module serves 2 purposes, 1) get paid to host your own event and position yourself as an expert in your market and 2) implement the scripts required to generate referral fees RIGHT NOW from your contractors, realtors, various lenders, etc.
Property Analysis Template (PAT)
($1,000 value)
You'll receive the EXACT same template I use in my own business to ensure you have a solid deal in hand before approaching any of your private money lenders. Share your financial analysis with each private money lender for EVERY SINGLE property you put under contract:
Show them that you've taken every single cost variable into consideration. Be transparent about your projected profit.
Build their confidence in you!


"I joined this program 1 year ago and I have raised $2 Million dollars in private money. Thank you for your guidance and genuine interest in seeing us succeed Amy Mahjoory!
Follow the systems and keep pushing everyone!"

“Anyone who is apart of Amy’s #RaisingPrivateMoney masterclass knows that it DOES work. If not, start over and try again. You messed up somewhere, like I have lol. I’ve raised close to $300k in private money so far and I’m not even done yet. Sidenote: This is coming from someone who is a total introvert. Invest in areas within yourself where you need help in . My amazing accountability partner and I are crushing it with his masterclass!"

- Sierra B

“When I met Amy I had done zero deals in real estate. I learned how to market myself and my business, negotiate with everyone and stay strong as a female Entrepreneur in a male dominated profession. I'm now about to start my 8th deal over the past 2 years. I have raised over $500,000 in private money and I am forever thankful for my experience with Amy and the impact it has had on my career." 

- Brynn M

“The whole system is amazing! The well packaged power packet, knowing what to say and what NOT to say gives me the confidence to connect with private money lenders as a polished professional. Amy provides a solid framework to work within, I'm pumped!"

-Nick G

"I was able to raise nearly $500,000 in private money from people I had not talked to in a while and from newer people in my network after implementing the rapport building networking strategies Amy created."

-Carolina L

““The homework assignments definitely opened our eyes to the different avenues of acquiring PML."

- Tomiko & Teryn C

"The systems Amy has in place are easy to follow. She lays it all out for you, from how to set it up, what to say, and how often. The only way to fail is to NOT take action. I now have the support, tools, and systems in place to raise money Confidently!

-Cassandra M

Ready to Raise Private Money with someone who's raised over $20 Million?
90-Day Money Back Guarantee
All results vary. Past results don't equal future success. If you join #RaisingPrivateMoney Masterclass, watch all of the lessons, follow our FACT (Foundation, Action, Credibility, Transaction) Method for 90 days, participate in the Q&A Calls and group feedback, implement, complete and document the action steps and don’t see results, we will provide extra coaching support to help you or issue you a 100% refund if we decide we cannot help you. 
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