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It All Comes Down To... Networking With A Purpose

To attract more success in life and business, you don’t have to network more; you just have to network more purposefully.

After years spent building a successful corporate career, rehabbing business, TV presence, and now as a speaker and coach, Amy has mastered the art of networking.

What customers are saying...

Fantastic book. I truly appreciate the amount of information Amy provides. Networking has always been kind of a "thorn" for me but Amy really helped motivate me and put some things in perspective. I pushed myself out of my comfort zone and finally made it to my first few real estate investment meetings. I found out that buyers and investors are actually the easy part. I'm quickly building my buyers list and working on the leads. Thanks Amy.

- Michael A Cornejo
I did not hesitate to download "Networking With A Purpose..." today because I know the author approaches projects fully prepared and with sincerity. It's incredible how arriving on the scene with advisors in place who are prepared to take action eliminates indecision and makes you more desirable to work with. I look forward to reading more about Amy's thought process and steps to a successful career change. While the basis for the book refers to real estate renovation, Amy shares important lessons that can apply to any field. Check it out!

- Jeff C
Amy offered amazing tips in her book and really gave us a glimpse of what it was like starting her company and the hurdles she had to overcome. If you know Amy, you know she is outstanding at networking and connecting people & this book is just a testament to her incredible work. If you haven’t already done so - go buy this book & enjoy! I loved her book and would definitely recommend it to anyone looking for a good and inspiring read! 🙂 Thanks for putting your words to paper Amy!

- Devinne

In her best selling book, Networking with a Purpose,
Amy shares practical tools, techniques and exercises to help discover the natural networker inside you.

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