Raise Over $100,000 in Private Money in Just 3 Weeks
And Get 100% Funding For Your Real Estate Deals
Amy is a Real Estate Investor & Educator, HGTV Personality, Best-Selling Author & Keynote Speaker.
Tired of trading your time for dollars? Tired of feeling like your business is limited only by the amount of capital you have access to? Tired of WAITING for the life you’ve always wanted to finally happen? 
Amy was once in your shoes. 
She left corporate America after 14 years to pursue real estate investing full time… And it was her ability to raise unlimited private money that unlocked her ultimate success. 
Now, it’s Amy’s mission to help others become successful in real estate too using the same systems and secrets that she used to get where she is today. 
She's helped thousands of real estate investors all over the country raise capital with her Raising Private Money system.
So if you’re interested in finally leaving your 9-5 behind… 
If you want more security than a traditional job can offer… 
If you want to get your current investing business to the next level… 
If you’re ready to build your confidence and dive in to the unlimited potential that private money can offer… 
Amy’s Raising Private Money Masterclass is exactly where you need to be. 
You’ll transform your mindset so you feel confident raising private money as Amy takes the fear out of raising capital and breaks her systems down into a methodical and easy to follow process. 
With Amy and her Raising Private Money Masterclass by your side… #YouGotThis!

"I just wanted to say thank you for everything that you've done for us. We appreciate it, we couldn't be here without you!" 

-  Lenore M.

"I just wanted to share that I joined this program about 3 weeks ago and as of today I have raised $445k using the RPM system. Thank you for your guidance and genuine interest in seeing us succeed Amy Mahjoory! Follow the systems and keep pushing everyone! You can do it! 

- Amanda F

""The systems Amy has in place are easy to follow. She lays it all out for you, from how to set it up, what to say, and how often. The only way to fail is to NOT take action. I now have the support, tools, and systems in place to raise money Confidently!

- Cassandra M

“Amy’s invaluable advice, empowerment and encouragement allowed me to raise over $9 Million in private money from over 35 different investors over the last 3 years."   

- Dimitri H

"We raised $490,000 within 72 hours by implementing just a few of Amy's creative networking systems! I never thought that I'd be able to raise money from someone who wasn't a part of my existing network. She's killin it!" 

-- Devinne B & Justin B

"I raised $88,000 during my first 3 weeks of working with Amy! The customized power packets is what got my private money lender to make the commitment and invest."

- Desirrae B

“I have never raised money for any business venture prior to speaking with Amy. I just raised my first $80,000! If you are willing to put in the work, then she is willing to invest her time in your education and success. " 

- Ashleigh R

"I was able to raise nearly $500,000 in private money from people I had not talked to in a while and from newer people in my network after implementing the rapport building networking strategies Amy created." 

- Carolina L

"Amy is such an inspiration! Her course and her expertise elevate everyone in her program. The course content is NEXT LEVEL, clear and purposeful, every single assignment helps you raise private money with high ethics, morale and integrity."

- Ahmad M

"I have never raised private money prior to joining Amy's coaching program. To date I have raised $750,000.  Since I met Amy and completed her training program only 3 months ago, I have done 5 deals with private money. My PML network was at 0 and now it is 45 strong and growing every week."

- Maurice S

I was able to raise $30,000 in private money for my very first deal as a result of following Amy's proven systems. She provides a ton of tools and guides you every step of the way. To date, I have raised an additional $300.000.

- Jamie T

“When I met Amy I had done zero deals in real estate. I learned how to market myself and my business, negotiate with everyone and stay strong as a female Entrepreneur in a male dominated profession. I'm now about to start my 8th deal over the past 2 years. I have raised over $500,000 in private money and I am forever thankful for my experience with Amy and the impact it has had on my career." 

- Brynn M

"I've been a real estate investor for over 30 years, and I've decided I needed to improve my game in Raising Private Money. I came across Amy's course and thought it was fantastic. I binge watched it in one weekend and within a week, I raised half a million dollars"

Matt H

"I joined this program 1 year ago and I have raised $2 Million dollars in private money. Thank you for your guidance and genuine interest in seeing us succeed Amy Mahjoory! Follow the systems and keep pushing everyone! 

Amanda F

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